Geezer Gasser Guidelines & Directives


These guidelines are presented as the basis and foundation for the group and to reflect our motto…..”Drag Racing the Old Way.” It is our belief that all vehicles participating should resemble as closely as possible the gas class vehicles of the mid ’60’s…the so called “Gasser Wars” time period from the Golden Age of Drag Racing. “Run what ya brung”……

Any aspect of the participating vehicle that makes it look or act or in any way resemble the current generation “bracket car” is cause for immediate disqualification or removal from participation. ALL DECISIONS MADE BY THE TECHNICAL STAFF RELATING TO SAFETY AND APPEARANCE ARE FINAL. Changes to conform to these directives are allowed and encouraged for reconsideration as to inclusion and participation with the organization.

Our focus is SAFETY, ENTERTAINMENT, PUT ON A GOOD SHOW, AND MOST OF ALL, HAVE FUN. Competitive spirit is welcome, bad attitudes are not.

These rules and directives are subject to change, and interpretation by the Geezer Gasser technical team. “At the event” decisions will be final for that event. Changes are welcomed to be included at subsequent outings.


A. ALL vehicles will be required to meet the safety criteria of the sanctioning body as well as the host track regulations. This includes, but not limited to NHRA, IHRA, Goodguys, NDRL.

B. Chassis certifications are encouraged for all participating vehicles, but not required……UNLESS the track or sanctioning body requires it for a certain level of performance.

C. Track officials as well as sanctioning body technical inspectors have the final word insofar as participation at the specific event


A. Absolutely NO electronic engine, transmission, or overall power train controls are permitted for use during an event. This shall INCLUDE, but is NOT limited to….

  • Delay boxes
  • Throttle stops
  • Crossover boxes
  • Data recorders/monitors/playback systems
  • Traction controls/monitors/regulators
  • Infrared starting line systems
  • Air shifters


B. EXCEPTIONS to above listings

  • Line lock
  • Trans brake……..WITHOUT utilizing 2 step
  • Rev Limiter/ignition box/playback tachometer. To be used ONLY as engine protection device….NOT for use as a launch aid or starting line aid.



A. All body types/styles are to be based on a 1957or earlier year of production. All bodies are to be “door cars” or enclosed cabin type. ABSOLUTELY NO OPEN CABIN ie convertible, roadster, etc with Corvette and Thunderbird with the hardtop in place being the only exceptions. Fiberglass reproduction bodies and components are acceptable. NO CARBON BODIES OR COMPONENTS.

B. ALL bodies MUST retain the appearance of the original, to include functional headlights in their original mounting area. High beam OR low beam acceptable.

C. NO body enhancements or aerodynamic improvements are permitted. This is to include but NOT limited to

  • Raised quarter panels/fenders
  • Wing(s) /airfoil spoilers
  • Pro Stock/snorkle type hood scoops
  • Period type/correct paint schemes are required. Primer is OK, any tint/color.


E. No present day/style graphics or schemes permitted.

F. Any lettering—-driver identification, sponsorships, nicknames, car names, etc—-MUST BE IN GOOD TASTE and in NO WAY BE CONSIDERED OFFENSIVE, or off color. Permanent paint/hand lettered or vinyl transfers are acceptable. Likewise for manufacturer decals/stickers.

G. ABSOLUTELY NO ROUND TUBE CHASSIS. Original frame/chassis, rectangular tube only. Strengthening/gusseting, crossmembers may use round tube.

H. Front axle and suspension must be correct. AXLE MUST BE SOLID….BEAM, ROUND TUBE, FORGED all ok. Suspension should coincide……NO STRUTS. LEAF SPRINGS (with shock absorbers) either parallel leaf or cross style (“buggy spring) with hairpin radius rods are all acceptable. No independent front suspensions ie A frame.

I. Rear suspension. Parallel leaf springs, traverse leaf spring, coil over/ladder bar style are all acceptable. 4 bar/link type will be considered on an individual event basis.


A. Even though we call this a “gas class” other fuels are acceptable for use. This will include “race gas”w/increased octane levels, E85, and methanol (“alky). NO diesel or blend that includes diesel. ABSOLUTELY NO NITROMETHANE.

B. ALL ENGINES….NO MATTER WHAT LEVEL OF PERFORMANCE, FUEL TYPE, INDUCTION TYPE WILL BE EQUIPPED WITH AN ENGINE “DIAPER”/LOWER CONTAINMENT DEVICE, OR METAL CATCH PAN. If your level of performance requires an SFI approved piece, it will be required. Non SFI pieces are acceptable.

C. Any automotive design engine, any manufacturer is acceptable, either OEM or after market. Engine blocks and cylinder heads may be OEM iron or aluminum. After market blocks and heads can be iron or aluminum. NO diesel engines allowed. NO LS platform engines or variations of them.


E. Any induction system…..carb’d, fuel injected (MECHANICAL ONLY), supercharged, or combination of these is allowed. NO NITROUS OXIDE. NO ELECTRONIC FUEL INJECTION.

F. Superchargers are limited to Rootes type, OEM GMC or aftermarket. NO LARGER THAN 8-71. NO screw type, NO WHIPPLE, NO CENTRIFUGAL type.

G. Any ignition type to include points, magneto, transistorized/MSD type.

H. Any transmission may be used to include full automatic, stick shift (manual), clutch flite, hydromatic. Internal upgrades ok. Protective shield/scatter blanket is encouraged.

I. Wheelie bars encouraged. Any car that will “wheelie” over 12” is required to have wheelie bars installed, adjusted, and functional.


A. Front tires. Radial or bias ply. Size to be in relation to the rears/overall attitude of the car. American produced (if possible) preferred… shore production ok. Whitewalls ok.

B. Rear Tires. NO TREADED/STREET TIRES. Full slick required. Smooth or “pie crust” sidewalls. Recaps…..Hurst, Towel City, Marsh etc. NOT ALLOWED on any car quicker than 11.00. New production….M/T, Hoosier, Firestone, Rader required on all cars quicker than 10.99. Whitewalls ok. Nothing larger than 12” wide across the face, 15” wide thru the sidewall, and 32” diameter.

C. WHEELS. PERIOD CORRECT IS THE THEME. Traditional 5 spokes, ET, American, M/T etc……Cragar SS…….American “Daisys” ok……Aluminum slots, steelies, chrome reverse, and of course Halibrands……originals as well as knock offs are all the preferred types. ABSOLUTELY NO BILLET STYLE, CURRENT LITEWEIGHTS, OR MODERN LOOK WHEELS ACCEPTED. In addition, NO Cragar Super Tricks, NO Centerlines. Any wheel not on the acceptable list must be approved by the leadership.


(rev 4-’23)